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Internet Law and E-commerce

Consulenza legale per ecommerce

Companies operating e-commerce, are subject to a rather complex regulation that concerns, inter alia, consumer protection, privacy, protection against misleading advertising, statutory and contractual guarantees of the sale, digital payments and cybersecurity.

Furthermore, the regulatory evolution in this sector is high. Just think of the new rules on the digital market that will have to be implemented by EU countries and that will have a significant impact on e-commerce, such as Directive (EU) 2019/770 of 20/5/2019 relating to certain aspects of supply contracts for digital content and digital services, as well as the Directive (EU) 2019/771 of 20/5/2019 relating to certain aspects of contracts for the sale of goods

Legal risks in

Legal risks in

In a recent survey in 2019 by the European Commission on 500 e-shops in 27 European countries, nearly 70% of online stores violated the European consumer protection rules. It is therefore important for e-commerce to comply with the legislation in order to avoid penalties.

In addition, e-commerce must comply with GDPR; furthermore, if e-commerce lags behind the regulatory changes in the sector, it not only risks a reputational loss, but cannot seize the opportunities before the other competitors.

What Lex IBC does about e-commerce

Lex IBC offers advice and assistance in relation to the drafting of the general conditions of sale and use of the e-commerce site, as well as for the drafting of additional conditions and guarantees or relating to new types of services, also in English or French.

  • It can offer advice on the legal aspects relating to promotional or prize campaigns and also helps in legal assistance with regards to sales abroad.

LEX IBC also follows e-commerce companies in the negotiation of IT, logistics and transport contracts, as well as in the international purchase of products, in litigation, including the use of Online Disputes Resolution Methods (ODR), and in aspects related to payments (online scams).

Internet law

LEX IBC defends online reputation of its clients and the right to be forgotten.

He supports companies in the negotiation of IT service contracts (licensing and use of software contracts, provision of IT assistance services, CMR purchase, etc.) and in related disputes.

LEX IBC also follows the evolution of the so-called data economy, especially as regards the development of contracts and business relations focused on data.

Why choose Lex IBC

Lex IBC has been dealing with legal and contractual issues related to e-commerce for over 15 years, for companies in the luxury fashion sector, household appliances or mechanics, both in B2B and B2C, and is attentive to the needs both of small e-commerce and the structured companies that want to internationalize.

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