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Banking and financial services law

Banking law concerns the regulation of the banking sector with particular reference to the relationship with customers, pursuant to the Italian Banking Law (testo unico Bancario), EU legislation and further provisions issued by the Bank of Italy and the European Central Bank.

Financial services law pertains to the regulation of the financial sector, with particular reference to the offer of financial services and financial assets to customers (e.g. shares, bonds, units of collective investment schemes, derivatives and so on), as provided for in the Italian Law on Finance, the EU legislation and the regulations issued by Consob (Italian Financial Authority).

Legal services provided in
banking and financial services law

Legal services provided in
banking and financial services law

Lex IBC provides qualified legal advice on bank contracts including credit and mortgages (anatocism, usury, violations of banking and financial regulations), effectively assists in bank litigation, and in the renegotiation of bank contracts, as well as in the restructuring of corporate debt.

Lex IBC also advises on financing contracts, leasing and factoring, the release of guarantees, and non performing loans.

The Law firm follows the developments regarding digital payments and fintech and on innovative and alternative forms of credit.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained in this field, the Law Firm can truly offer specialist advice and assistance in contracts relating to financial services, as well as in the management of reimbursement practices in favour of savers and businesses affected by bank defaults. The Firm, in particular, assists in disputes regarding the off-site offer of financial products.

Risks for customers and investors:
why to ask for a lawyer's advice

Risks for customers and investors:
why to ask for a lawyer's advice

The banking and financial services market is experiencing a significant development of innovative banking and financial products, some valid, others that present more benefits for the banks and companies that promote them than for customers.

As the recent past teaches, relying solely on the advice of the bank or financial advisors, without a legal knowledge of the proposed banking/financial contract/transaction can be harmful and counterproductive.

Consulenza legale diritto bancario e societario

Why Lex IBC for the
banking and financial services law

Lex IBC has acquired a specific experience on the regulatory issues relating to financial instruments and Consob’s sanctioning procedures.

In addition, LEX IBC has been advising its clients in cases related to the renegotiation of bank contracts, the restructuring of bank debt and banking disputes, with satisfactory results.

Successful cases

The successful cases concern, in particular:

  • Damages awarded to companies for bank loans and credit lines affected by anatocism or usury
  • Renegotiations of bank credit lines
  • Cancellation of debt positions in the public and private databases of bad debtors in Italy (Centrale Rischi of Bank of Italy, Crif, Assilea, etc…)
  • Cancellation of undue banking charges and commissions,
  • Defense of financial advisors.

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