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The importance of Legal Assistance in Import/Export

The importance of Legal Assistance in Import/Export

Legal barriers are one of the most important aspects to consider before expanding into other markets and jurisdictions.
Both for the organization of sales abroad (export of goods) and the procurement from abroad (import), legal skills are in any case necessary. A knowledge of legal concepts is necessary in order to manage correctly many operations such as : payments, notices, retention of ownership of goods, testing and acceptance, after-sales services, protection of brands and industrial property. Recent COVID 19 pandemics made companies familiar with force majeure and hardship clauses and legal conditions.

Lex IBC aims to facilitate internationalization, providing targeted legal advice and assistance on the most suitable international contractual models. Lex IBC also provides legal assistance for the establishment in Italy and in other markets, through qualified correspondents on site, in particular in France and Romania.

Why rely on a Law Firm for Import/Export

Why rely on a Law Firm for Import/Export

Lex IBC can support companies importing in Italy or exporting from Italy in the legal aspects of their activities.

Actually, if the relationship is not set up correctly from the beginning, by taking into account also the legal implications, there is a risk of frustrating all the efforts and investments made in a short time.

The most common risks

The most common errors and legal risks that companies are often not aware of when they approach import / export issues:

  • the uncritical acceptance of solutions proposed by local potential partners in conflict of interest,
  • the lack of knowledge of the rights and obligations set by mandatory law in the country they operate,
  • the waiver or the granting of exclusive rights to a commercial partner without due consideration,
  • the lack of protection or loss of control over industrial property rights in favor of third parties (e.g. through the granting of trademark licences or other rights on commercial names, or the authorization to the use of domain names for registration purposes).
Consulenza legale diritto bancario e finanziario
Assistenza legale import export
Assistenza legale a Bologna
Assistenza legale per aziende a Bologna

Why rely on Lex IBC for Import/Export activities

Why rely on Lex IBC for Import/Export activities

Lex IBC provides legal support to companies that want to import in Italy, on international payments, transport, trade restrictions, customs issues (with the support of a customs expert), commercial and corporate regulations

Furthermore, Lex IBC can advise and draw up international contracts in English, French and Spanish, most suited to the needs of the client company (sales, agency, distribution, collaboration agreements, consultancy agreements).

Lex IBC also provides advice to foreign companies wishing to develop commercial collaborations in Italy, set up offices or acquire companies in Italy.

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