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Company and Commercial Law

Lex IBC assists companies in relation to both corporate law and commercial law.

As for the corporate law issues, Lex IBC provides assistance with regard to the establishment of companies, drafting of articles of association and shareholders’ agreements and corporate governance in general.

When the external dimension of the company is concerned, extraordinary operations related to mergers, acquisitions and concentrations and other forms of collaboration between companies such as joint ventures come into play.

Still widening the perspective to the ordinary business activity, LEX IBC deals with commercial and contractual law issues, insurance and civil liability law related to business activity, as well as problems related to antitrust legislation and the exercise of free competition.

Consulting and services in
corporate and commercial law

Consulting and services in
corporate and commercial law

Establishment of companies, drafting of shareholders agreements and minutes of the meetings, company branch leasing operations, dissolution, joint ventures, mergers, demergers, management of corporate and commercial litigation, with particular reference to the responsibility of directors and statutory auditors in national and multinational companies in Italy.

Risks companies would face without
appropriate legal advice

Many SMEs, especially when setting up the company or changing company structures in Italy, do not ask for the services of a lawyer, preferring to be assisted only by the notary and / or the chartered accountant of their trust.

Yet, the advice of a lawyer and / or a law firm which also deals with corporate litigation can avoid problems in the future; in particular, through qualified legal advice, it is possible to better modulate the clauses that prevent disputes between shareholders or more accurately deal with corporate governance. This is even more recommended when shareholders are legal or physical persons having their seat or their domicile in different States.

Why choose Lex IBC for
corporate and commercial legal issues in Italy

We have many years of experience in the field of corporate and commercial law and we assist also foreign companies and foreign shareholders.

We are located in Bologna, in an area which is rich of valuable companies and assets that may be of interest for foreign investors.

Milan and Rome areas are also reachable respectively in about 1 hour and 2 hours by high speed train.

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