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How to choose a Commercial Lawyer in Italy

How to Choose a Commercial Lawyer in Italy

Commercial lawyers are important allies of the companies  and their executives. They can  assist with business transactions and  paperwork. They help in contract drafting, company mergers and acquisitions and in commercial negotiations.

In this article, we will describe how to choose a commercial lawyer in Italy.

What is Commercial Law?

Commercial Law includes many legal services designed to support businesses in making money from their products and services. For example, Intellectual Property rights are crucial for start-up  and manufacturers to profit from innovation. Moreover, all companies need contracts on a domestic and international basis to sell their products or services or to grow their own commercial network, through agents, distributors or retailers.  They also need advice to lease or buy important assets or to acquire/sell property or to revise the terms of their banking and financial agreements.

What does a Commercial Lawyer do?

The primary goal of a commercial lawyer is to protect and assist the company in its best interest. A commercial lawyer should ensure that the deals and agreements are valid and legal. Many of his/her duties concern contract drafting and analyzing terms of agreements,  changing conditions in contracts with other companies or examining legal documents for loop holes. Other duties and responsibilities involve preventing claims and managing commercial disputes. A commercial lawyer may be required to give advice on Italian laws and regulations and deal with risk assessment and compliance issues. Lastly, a commercial lawyer may initiate litigation, for example,  to collect debt or to defend the intellectual property of the company.

Lex IBC assists Italian and foreign companies in relation to a wide variety of business and commercial law issues:

  • extraordinary operations related to mergers, acquisitions and concentrations and other forms of collaboration between companies such as joint ventures
  • commercial and contractual activity (non disclosure agreements, trademark licencing, supply and distribution agreements, agency, supply-chain issues, procurement agreements, servicing, property and real estate agreements)
  • insurance and civil liability law related to business activity, as well as analysis related to antitrust legislation and unfair competition
  • legal risk assessment and compliance
  • prevention and management of legal risk and commercial disputes
  • arbitration and litigation


Commercial Lawyer in Italy: how to choose?

The number of lawyers in Italy is quite high  (almost 240.000 in 2022) but this figure is drastically reduced if you are looking for a bi-lingual expert lawyer which can assist you in commercial matters and represent you in a Court dispute in Italy.

So specialization and proficiency in English (and/or other languages different from Italian) are key factors to consider in your search for a good lawyer in Italy.

Moreover, you should consider lawyers who have been in practice for a minimum of 5 years and who have worked on legal problems that are similar to yours.

You should  also check their reviews.

Finally, clarity and regular updates form the first contact should be the necessary elements of the relationship with the lawyer of your choice.

Our firm is specialized in business and Commercial Law and assists foreign clients dealing with legal matters throughout Italy. We may help your company without having to travel to Italy.

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